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Research on the Construction of College English Reading Teaching System Based on “Internet +” Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.302


Zheng Hongxia

Corresponding Author

Zheng Hongxia


College English teaching is the main way to improve college students' English level, and it is also the key to popularize English learning and its importance. English reading teaching is an important part of English education, which requires universities to constantly optimize the teaching system. Because of their poor ability of active learning, college students need to use Internet technology to help them learn English. Based on this, this paper analyses the significance of college English teaching, and expounds the existing problems in college English reading teaching. A new mode of English reading teaching system in the Internet + environment is proposed. In order to improve college students' English reading ability and make up for the deficiencies in college English education.


Internet +;College English; English reading teaching; System construction