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Research on the development direction and strategy of university education and teaching management informatization based on big data technology

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.298


Yao Dan

Corresponding Author

Yao Dan


In the era of big data, the internet has developed rapidly. Under the influence of big data technology, colleges and universities have also begun to attach importance to the combination of education and teaching technology and big data. Efficient use of big data for education reform has promoted the rapid integration of education and teaching in Chinese universities with social information. This has gradually become the inevitable development direction of college education in the information age. The article first introduces the characteristics of data fragmentation and wide-ranging in the education management of colleges and universities with big data as the core. Then it analyzes the challenges of the development of information management in colleges and universities under the era of big data. Finally, propose a development idea to deal with the challenge.


Big Data; Colleges and Universities; Education and Teaching; Strategic Research