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Teaching and Management of Higher Vocational Mathematics Class Based on Morality Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.288


Tang Xiaochun

Corresponding Author

Tang Xiaochun


Mathematics in higher vocational colleges is famous for its meticulous logical thinking, which plays an important role in improving students' professional skills and values and outlook on life. Higher vocational teaching should not only enhance students' comprehensive ability from the professional point of view, but also constantly tap students' ability from the perspective of Li De and Shu Ren. Based on this, this paper firstly analyses the role of mathematics education in Higher Vocational Colleges in educating people, secondly analyses the problems existing in the current mathematics teaching classroom in Higher Vocational colleges, and finally puts forward innovative ideas of mathematics classroom teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges from the perspective of Li De Shu Ren.


Li de shu ren; Higher vocational mathematics; Classroom teaching; Innovative spirit