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Research on College Students' Autonomous Learning of English Reading from the Perspective of Mobile Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.277


Huang Jianguo

Corresponding Author

Huang Jianguo


English reading autonomous learning is a student-centered learning method. With the continuous development of network technology and the further updating of English reading methods, how to cultivate college students' autonomous reading ability has become the primary task of colleges and universities. Autonomous learning of English reading can tap the ability of college students to explore independently. At the same time, college students can choose to study freely according to their own learning conditions, so as to improve their adaptability to English learning. However, in the context of the continuous upgrading of mobile learning, there are still some problems in college students' autonomous learning of English reading. Therefore, this paper first analyses the current situation of College Students' autonomous learning in English reading teaching, and elaborates the strategies to improve college students' autonomous reading ability under mobile learning.


Mobile learning; College students; English reading; Autonomous learning