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Research on the Chinese Phonetic Teaching That Aims at the European and American Students

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DOI: 10.25236/etsocs.2018.13


Qihan Zhu

Corresponding Author

Qihan Zhu


Nowadays, as the development of globalization, the intercourses between the countries become more frequent than any time before, lots of European and American students come to China for studying. While learning of Chinese becomes the first obstacle that restricts their study abroad, and the some time, the phonetics also becomes the difficult point of their study. As the key part of Chinese teaching, the Chinese phonetic teaching becomes the disaster of the European and American students. Because these foreign students are weak in the phonetics, so when they are communicating with others, the counterparts are often confused. Especially, most of the foreign students could not differentiate the blade-alveolar and the cacuminal, and their pronunciations are often quite non-standard, so that they feel hard in their daily lives and studies. In order to change this phenomenon and improve the Chinese abilities of these European and American students, it is urgent to improve the quality of phonetic teaching and research the efficient methods of phonetic teaching, so as to improve the teaching efficient and the foreign students’ Chinese abilities.


The European and American Students, Chinese Teaching, Phonetics Teaching, Research on Teaching.