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Research on Multi-quality Assurance Path of Higher Education under the Background of “Undergraduate Teaching Assessment”

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.270


Zhao Qinqin

Corresponding Author

Zhao Qinqin


At present, the national higher education has gradually entered the era of popularization. With the continuous improvement of various requirements, educators should also keep pace with the times, actively improve their own education level, and then improve the quality of teaching, to cultivate more outstanding talents for society. Based on the analysis of the dilemma faced by the multi-quality assurance of higher education under the background of “undergraduate teaching evaluation”, this paper explores the construction path of the multi-quality assurance system of higher education from three aspects: improving the way of personnel training, perfecting the relevant system and strengthening the diversified quality assurance team.


Undergraduate teaching evaluation; Higher education; Path; Educators