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Research on College English Teaching Reform under Reflective Teaching Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.267


Jia Yuyan

Corresponding Author

Jia Yuyan


Reflective teaching requires teachers to make a critical summary of their teaching methods, educational concepts and classroom education strategies, and put forward continuous improvement countermeasures, so as to continuously improve the quality of teaching. In college English classroom teaching, reflective teaching can help teachers update their educational concepts, promote teachers' efforts to improve the rationality of their own teaching practice, and promote teachers to change from theoretical knowledge teachers to scholar teachers. Reflective teaching can also improve the professional ethics of English teachers, constantly reflect and criticize their own teaching behavior, can stimulate the sense of responsibility and honor of teachers, so the application of reflective teaching in College English teaching can constantly improve the teaching effect. This paper mainly discusses the application of reflective teaching mode in College English teaching reform.


Reflective teaching; College English; Teaching reform