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Investigation and Research on the Content of Evaluation Indicators for Micro-class in China--Based on the Content Analysis of the Evaluation Documents of Chinese 17 Micro-class Competitions

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.263


Tang Wanxing, Yong Sui

Corresponding Author

Yong Sui


The evaluation standard of micro-class is an important guarantee for the quality of micro-class production. Through the analysis of the contents of the evaluation documents of 17 domestic micro-class competitions, it is found that the evaluation of micro-class mainly involves three dimensions of work specification, teaching design and teaching effect. The “Specification of Work” dimension has a weight of 0.26, which mainly includes aspects such as complete supporting materials and language specifications. The dimension of “teaching design” is 0.60, which mainly includes the value of topic selection and content design. The weight of “teaching effect” dimension is 0.14, which mainly involves teaching characteristics, online voting and other aspects. Based on the results of index content analysis, the following suggestions are put forward: strengthen the work specification requirements, promote the standardization of micro course production; highlight the innovation of teaching design, pay attention to the goal of micro course teaching; pay attention to the feedback of teaching effect, and introduce the diversified evaluation of micro course works.


China; Micro classes; Evaluation indicators; Contents; Micro-class production