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An Empirical Study on the Application of Flipped Classroom in Public English Teaching in Vocational Colleges Based on Needs Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.262


Chen Li

Corresponding Author

Chen Li


Flipped classroom is an innovative teaching mode that subverts the traditional teacher-led teaching mode in our country. It has thoroughly reformed the teaching mode of traditional classroom. Compared with the traditional teaching mode, flipped classroom has a positive role in promoting English teaching in vocational colleges, which is conducive to the significant improvement of teaching quality and teaching results. Under the flipped classroom teaching mode, students' autonomous learning and cooperative learning have replaced teachers' classroom explanation mode. After class, the consolidation of knowledge is moved to the classroom, where teachers help students to complete it. Compared with traditional teaching, flipped classroom teaching mode has significant advantages in improving students' cross-cultural communication ability, and it is more suitable for young students' strengths and hobbies, and it can also effectively guide students' network utilization. Based on the perspective of demand analysis, this paper makes an empirical study on the application of flipped classroom model in vocational college English teaching, in order to further explore the teaching practice in vocational colleges.


Flipped classroom; Public English teaching; Vocational colleges; Application