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The current situation of color course teaching of Art Designing Specialty in Institutions of Higher Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.261


Shaohua Lv

Corresponding Author

Shaohua Lv


Color is the most expressive element and the most important way of information transmission in visual art. Color course is the core part of the basic design teaching for art designing specialty in institutions of higher learning. The paper makes discussions on the current situation of color course teaching from three aspects of the importance of color teaching, current situation of sketch color and design color, teaching reform of design color teaching integrated Chinese traditional color, analyzes the problems and the corresponding reasons existing in the colors teaching, and puts forward that we does not only pay attention to basic color theory and the expression form of sketch color, but also construct the relationship of Chinese traditional decoration color and the modern color design based on the local color and traditional color culture, and strengthen the mutual penetration and integration of Chinese and western color view. This surely is an effective way for teaching reform of the current color class.


Art design; Color courses; Teaching status quo;