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Research on Piano Teaching Reform in Colleges and Universities Based on the Training Direction of Applied Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.258


Lulu Sun

Corresponding Author

Lulu Sun


Judging from the current situation of piano teaching in colleges and universities, there are some problems affecting the development of piano teaching in colleges and universities in the new era. In the training of talents, the training of applied talents is a necessary requirement and basic mode. In college music teaching, how to train applied talents is an urgent problem. In this paper, combined with the requirements of music teaching reform and personnel training, in view of the shortcomings of traditional teaching of piano major courses, the construction of application-oriented learning teaching mode. Starting from the requirements of piano application talents, this paper discusses the reform of piano education in colleges and universities, analyzes the existing problems in piano education and puts forward corresponding solutions.


Applied talents; Piano teaching reform; Strategy