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An Analysis of the Impact of Educational Psychology Thought on Educational Reform Based on Dynamic System Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.256


Huaxi Yin, Wenli Wu

Corresponding Author

Huaxi Yin


Educational psychology is an applied branch of psychology and plays an important role in promoting the reform of school education. Psychology, as a discipline with strong theoretical nature, needs teachers to keep pace with the times in practical teaching and combine psychological theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge to promote the improvement of students' comprehensive quality. With the continuous development of society, educational psychology has now become one of the required courses in various colleges and universities. The purpose is that students can master the skills and basic knowledge of educational psychology. Starting from the evolution of the contemporary educational reform movement, examining the interaction between educational reform and the development of educational psychology has important reference value not only for the development and improvement of the educational psychology department, but also for the theoretical guidance of the educational reform. Based on the dynamic system theory, this paper discusses the principles of psychology teaching innovation reform and the impact of teaching innovation reform.


Educational psychology; Educational reform; Teaching innovation