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Research on Teaching Quality Standard of Higher Vocational Education Based on Employment Orientation

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.254


Ruan Yanqi

Corresponding Author

Ruan Yanqi


Since entering the new era, the employment situation has become more and more severe, and there are various factors affecting employment. The establishment of employment-oriented evaluation criteria for teaching quality in higher vocational education is a decisive factor in the social evaluation of higher vocational colleges and is also one of the ways to improve the teaching quality of higher vocational education. Employment plays an important guiding role in the survival and development of higher vocational education. Higher vocational education must face the market, adhere to employment-oriented and aim at improving students' employability. The employment of higher vocational education should be guided by employment, aimed at improving the employment ability of students, adhere to the scientific development concept of people-oriented, and vigorously promote the transformation of school running mode and the reform of teaching curriculum system. From the perspective of employment oriented, this paper analyzes the necessity and basic principles of establishing the quality standards of higher vocational education, and expounds the composition of the quality standards of higher vocational education.


Market competition; Supply chain logistics management mode; Information system