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Exploration on the Application of Minority Music Material in Piano Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.250


Lu Jin

Corresponding Author

Lu Jin


Piano, as an artistic expression form, has been circulating in our country for a century. In this process, it has continuously absorbed international advanced musical elements for development. Meanwhile, music creators in our country have used their own understanding of music to add national elements to piano artistic creation, thus forming their own artistic creation style. Musical material of minority nationalities, whether in dance or music, is a manifestation of the inheritance of minority historical culture. It can highlight the features of minority nationalities in the development of the times, and how to combine minority art with modern art, which is a common concern of music creators at present. This paper starts from the application of minority music materials in piano teaching, explores the protection consciousness of minority culture, hopes to effectively integrate minority music elements in piano teaching, and inherit and develop minority music culture.


Piano teaching; Minority music; Application practice