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Research on Ideological Function of Chinese Ideological and Political Education Based on Work Process Orientation

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.244


Huang Yanjun

Corresponding Author

Huang Yanjun


Since the reform and opening up, various erroneous trends in western society have spread to China, bringing great challenges to our ideological and political education. Ideological and political education has prominent ideological, political and moral values and strong ideological orientation. From the historical practice of the Chinese Communist Party, ideological and political education plays an important ideological function in various periods of revolution, construction and reform. At present, the situation in the field of ideology in our country is more complex, and ideological and political education shows the trend of developing both ideological and non-ideological functions. Ideological and political education should clearly emphasize and deepen the ideological function, but at the same time, it should expand its non-ideological function in an all-round way to enhance the significance of individual development. Based on the guidance of work process, this paper makes innovative and exploratory research on the educational function of the ideology of Marxism.


Ideological and political education; Ideology; Function