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Reform and Practice of Interactive Teaching Theory in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.242


Meng Zhou

Corresponding Author

Meng Zhou


With the deepening development of quality teaching and the constant promotion of teaching reform, the classroom teaching mode in universities is undergoing tremendous growth. In order to cultivate students' independent consciousness and innovative ability and meet the needs of society for high-quality and high-tech talents, interactive teaching should be integrated into college English teaching, and the interaction between teachers and students should be strengthened so as to improve students' language expression ability, so as to improve the efficiency of College English classroom teaching. In interactive classroom, various teaching activities can teach students how to communicate with others in English, avoid some disadvantages of traditional English teaching, and cultivate students' good oral communication ability. Group discussion is a welcomed mode of student interaction, which can not only create a free language learning environment, but also help students improve their oral communication ability. Multimedia teaching through human-computer interaction not only enables learners to learn effectively, but also provides a large number of related learning resources for students after class.


College English; Teaching reform; Interactive Classroom; Group Communication