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On the Balance of Teaching Strategies of Silence Right and Discourse Right in Higher Vocational Class

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.241


Yingchun Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yingchun Zhang


After long-term teaching practice and observation of the situation of basic courses of Engineering Specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges in China, it is found that students can be divided into five types of classroom learning based on different learning psychology: open type, noisy type, altruistic silence type, self-silence type and habitual silence type. Through in-depth analysis and Research on the differences of input characteristics, learning personality and learning effect among the three types of classroom silence groups, the results show that classroom activity has no direct relationship with teaching effectiveness, there is no fixed formula for respecting students’ right to silence or guaranteeing their right to speak,and teaching strategies to be adopted. Teaching managers and teaching workers should constantly explore, summarize and improve in practice. Finally, it puts forward comprehensive teaching strategies for different groups of students.


Classroom learning types; Input characteristics; Learning personality; Right to silence; Right to speak; Comprehensive teaching strategies