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Exploration and Research on the Cooperative Education Model of Production, Teaching and Research in Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.235


Yue Qu

Corresponding Author

Yue Qu


With the development of economy and the great demand for Applied Talents in society, higher requirements are put forward for the training mode of Applied Undergraduate Colleges and universities. Traditional Applied Colleges and universities are relatively outdated in the mode of educating people, and their corresponding production, education and training system is still not perfect. Based on this, this paper will discuss the symbiosis theory of industry-university education in the ecological, social and economic disciplines of colleges and universities, and make a deep analysis of collaborative innovation and collaborative education. Based on the correlation analysis, this paper will put forward the multi-system collaborative education model, and further expand and deepen it as the mainstream model of school-enterprise community, and finally form a collaborative education platform for application-oriented undergraduate colleges, so as to break through the constraints of traditional school-enterprise cooperation, and make the multi-education mechanism of application-oriented undergraduate colleges get a new one.


Applied Undergraduate Colleges; Production-University-Research Coordination Mechanism; School-Enterprise Community; Cooperative Education Platform; Multiple Cooperative Education