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The Influence of Ceramic Art Teaching Activities on Modern Ceramic Design Style

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.234


Liu Sitong

Corresponding Author

Liu Sitong


Ceramic art is a comprehensive art and belongs to the world of artistic language. As an ancient ceramic country, China has a very profound cultural heritage. After nearly half a century of development, only by inheriting and carrying forward this art can we advance the process of our civilization. In the modern ceramic design process, not only need to choose the right elements to integrate into the design activities, but also need to find the appropriate design connotation from the corresponding culture. In combination with the implementation value and appeal of the ceramic art teaching activities, it is crucial to study the integration of appropriate elements and play the value role of the teaching activities. This paper intends to start from the functional positioning of modern ceramic appliances, combined with the analysis of ceramics teaching activities and implementation direction, combined with the specific connotation and characteristics of ceramic technology, to explore the direct effect of systematic ceramic teaching activities on modern ceramic design style.


Ceramic art teaching; Design style; Teaching mode; Cultural transfer