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A probe into the implementation path of Open experiment in First-year Engineering Taking the School of Physics and Information Engineering of Jianghan University as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.233


Fen Chang

Corresponding Author

Fen Chang


Firstly, the connotation of open experiment is introduced, then the effect of open experiment in the first grade project is described in detail, that is, cultivating students' interest in professional study and improving students' professional cognition level. Training students' practical ability, improving students' innovative ability, creating students' subject competition, students' scientific research echelons, introducing the system of professional upperclassmen into the process of open experiment, creating the power of example; To make up for the deficiency of traditional experiment, to improve the effect of experiment teaching, and to improve the quality of talent training with the cooperation of theory teaching. Finally, the implementation path of open experiment in first grade project is discussed. That is, the flexible open form of laboratory, the teaching content of teaching in accordance with students' aptitude, the introduction of the system of professional seniority into the process of open experiment, the organic combination of the plan of senior students, the investigation of Party members, the post of part-time work study and the open experiment; The combination of teacher guidance, academic guidance and counsellor supervision ensures the effect of open experiment; the combination of open experiment and regular training of professional associations; the introduction of extracurricular practice innovation credit recognition mechanism.


Open experiments; professional societies; learning interests