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Research on Teaching Methods and Methods of Innovative Education Teaching under the Condition of Informationization

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.232


Wu Ziwei

Corresponding Author

Wu Ziwei


Today, with the rapid development of Internet, communication, information and computer technology, information technology has penetrated into various fields and promoted the reform and development of all walks of life, including education and education systems. In the face of the rapid development of the information age, college education has ushered in new requirements and new hopes. This paper will take the status quo of teaching supervision evaluation in colleges and universities as the starting point, analyze the practical problems in the existing supervision work of colleges and universities, and put forward the reasons why the informationization technology must introduce informationization in the process of teaching supervision, and try to analyze the use and penetration of information technology in the teaching supervision of colleges and universities. Ideas. I hope that I can use information technology to improve the efficiency and value of college supervision and give full play to the theoretical role of college supervision.


Informationization; innovation; teaching supervision; method means