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Practical Research on the College Art Design Experiment Center under the Studio Production Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.230


Chen Gaimei

Corresponding Author

Chen Gaimei


In the teaching of art design in China, the “studio” teaching mode has become a brand-new teaching mode, which has been effectively applied in practical teaching. Enterprises and universities cooperate with each other to create a studio, and use this as a platform and link to complete education. Abandoning the teaching methods and measures of internship training in the past teaching process, the perfect combination of theory and practice is realized. In teaching, through theory-oriented practice, practice verification theory. Such an education method can better achieve the purpose of training, and provide more versatile artistic talents with comprehensive quality, strong professional operation ability and innovative ability for the society. Based on the analysis of the malpractices of traditional laboratory construction and management model, this paper constructs an open experimental teaching platform based on “studio system” according to the characteristics and requirements of art disciplines, and from the laboratory opening, management mechanism and teaching system. In the other aspects, the research and practice of the open experimental teaching management mode under the “studio system” platform was carried out.


Art; Studio system; Cultivation of practical innovation ability