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Analysis of the Influence of Physics Thinking Method Education on Improving Students' Comprehensive Quality

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.229


Luxian Fang

Corresponding Author

Luxian Fang


It has become an important part of China's education reform and development to comprehensively improve the overall quality of students and promote students' comprehensive and individualized development. With the development of modern science and technology, the functions and functions of physics education have emerged constantly, which has increasingly attracted the attention of educators. As a basic subject, physics has formed an independent and complete method system in the long-term development. It has certain guiding, basic and irreplaceable ways to improve students' scientific and cultural quality and cultivate innovative spirit. This paper first expounds the concept of physics thinking method and the basic concept of students' comprehensive quality, and analyzes the practical significance of physics thinking method education to improve students' comprehensive quality. The implementation of quality education with physics thinking method enables each student to develop in a comprehensive and harmonious way in terms of knowledge, ability and quality. At the same time, the new ideas, new theories and new models of modern education pose new challenges to physics education. The new development of society, economy and science and technology puts new demands on talents. Physics education must face new challenges, adapt to new requirements, advance with the times, develop and innovate, and make unremitting efforts and useful explorations in imparting physics knowledge and cultivating students' comprehensive qualities.


Physics thinking method; Student comprehensive quality; scientific spirit; Impact analysis