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The Influence of the Traditional Elements of Art Education on Environmental Art under the Model of “Double Creation”

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.224


Ming Li

Corresponding Author

Ming Li


In the “double creation” mode of art education, we should pay attention to the influence of traditional cultural elements on environmental art. Based on the current situation of the traditional art design in the process of environmental art design, the status quo of traditional elements and modern aesthetic elements in environmental art design are analyzed. The advantages and traditional Chinese design are studied. The concept of design elements better understands and applies the role and significance of traditional elements of Chinese art. It is concluded that the traditional elements of art education under the “double creation” mode have a positive impact on the design of the environment, the geographical characteristics of the design, and the expression of the design ideas.


Entrepreneurial Innovation Education; Art Education; Traditional Elements; Environmental Art