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Research on the Talents Training Mechanism of Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation in Visual Communication Design

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.222


He Wang

Corresponding Author

He Wang


As the discipline of higher education in China has been upgraded, design has become a first-class discipline. The major of visual communication design in Colleges and universities is an important source of high-quality and high-skilled talents in cultural and creative industries. With our country attaching great importance to cultural and creative industries, visual communication design has become an important part of cultural and creative industries. Based on the author's practical teaching experience, this paper analyses the cultivation of visual communication professionals around the collaborative innovation education mode of “industry, education and research”, and deeply studies the present situation and Countermeasures of the development of visual communication design professionals, which has certain reference value and significance for the innovative cultivation of visual communication design professionals in China.


Industry; University and Research; Collaborative Innovation; Visual Communication Design; Personnel Training