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Construction and Realization Path of Professional Internationalization and Practical Teaching System

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.220


Zhiguo Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhiguo Wang


The implementation of international professional certification has put forward new requirements for the training of high-level talents in engineering and technology specialty. In engineering teaching, practical teaching is particularly important for the cultivation of students'professional ability and engineering ability. In view of the needs and characteristics of training engineering and technical professionals, colleges and universities should construct an internationalized practical teaching system oriented to professional certification, and form a five-in-one, multi-level integrated practical teaching system from in-class experiments to graduation design. Through the application of Sino-foreign cooperative school-running projects, the author's school has promoted the docking of universities at home and abroad, which has proved the rationality and effectiveness of the system.


Professional Certification; Washington Agreement; International Education; Practical Teaching System