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Research and Practice of Eco-English Practice Teaching System

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.219


Lan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lan Zhang


Ecological classroom is the inevitable requirement of educational ecology for college English classroom teaching. Based on this, this paper analyses the practice teaching of the “ecological” College English practical teaching system, and summarizes the connotation and characteristics of the ecological teaching model. Based on the actual situation of colleges and universities, this paper discusses how to construct an ecological College English teaching model by creating a harmonious ecological teaching environment between teachers and students, setting up ecological teaching objectives, choosing ecological teaching content, setting up Ecological Curriculum system, implementing ecological curriculum model and adopting process evaluation. It is believed that the ecological teaching mode can promote the dynamic, sustained and healthy development of teachers, students and teaching environment.


Ecological Classroom; Teaching Mode; College English Teaching; Educational Ecology