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Research on the Implementation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Adult Higher Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.208


Wang Haijun, Xin Yang, Wang Sibo, Li Shuo, Guo Zhanyue

Corresponding Author

Wang Haijun


In the era of “mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation”, it is an inevitable choice for adult higher education to carry out the historical mission of training innovative entrepreneurs. Innovation and entrepreneurship education is not only conducive to improving the employment rate of adult higher education students, but also the inherent demand of the transformation and development of adult higher education in China. Innovation and entrepreneurship education in adult higher education should be guided by stimulating students'enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship, based on the principle of realizing their main position in innovation and entrepreneurship, based on strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship practice, based on tapping comprehensive curriculum resources of innovation and entrepreneurship, and guaranteed by implementing flexible educational system.


Adult Higher Education; Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education; Education Transformation; Education Development