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The Present Situation and Reflection of Dance Art Education for Children in Villages and Towns--Take Duping Primary School of Zhaoqing City as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.189


Ran Shang, Xiaojie Wen

Corresponding Author

Ran Shang


With the continuous deepening of the reform of educational system, the concept of children's quality education has gradually entered people's horizons. Dance art education, as an organic part of the development of children's quality education, is an important way to cultivate the basic development of children's quality education, and is also the foundation stage to promote the all-round development of children's quality education. It must be inseparable from the edification and cultivation of dance art education. At present, due to the restrictions of ideology, living environment and economic conditions, dance art education has become a short board in the development of quality education for children in rural areas. Based on this, taking Duping Primary School in Zhaoqing Township area as an example, this paper reflects on how to improve the strategy of township dance art education in view of the present situation of township dance art education.


Dance Art Education; Children in Villages and Towns; Present Situation; Reflection