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Study on the Motivations and Ways of Guiding Vocabulary Teaching for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language by Using Semantic Field Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/etsocs.2018.03


Li Zhang

Corresponding Author

Li Zhang


Vocabulary on behalf of people around everything in the classification, classification and naming, which is the nature of the vocabulary system. Fu Huaiqing In Modern Chinese Vocabulary, the systematicness of the vocabulary is demonstrated from three aspects of the same family of words, cognate words and words in structure. Lin Xingguang thinks that dissipative structure is a system type and the vocabulary is dissipative structure , So vocabulary is equally systematic. By the 1980s, scholars reached a consensus that the vocabulary is systematic and the Chinese vocabulary is not disorganized. The systematicness of the meaning of the words is an objective reality.


Teaching, Semantic Field Theory, Foreign Language.