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Analysis of the Causes of Campus Bullying from the Perspective of Positive Psychology

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.173


Hao Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hao Zhang


School bullying is one of the primary concerns in current education and teaching. Campus bullying is also considered to be one of the worst behaviors on campus, which will bring inexplicable physical and mental harm to students, leading to the future development of students. restricted. However, due to the large population base in China and the lack of perfect equipment for teachers, the handling of school bullying cases is still in its infancy, and it can only be dealt with after the bullying cases are exposed, resulting in many students being harmed. In order to effectively avoid such situations, the best way to do so now is to actively study the causes of bullying on campus and to find out which students are likely to become bullies and thus prevent them. This article will start with the harm that campus bullying brings to students, and comprehensively solve the analysis of the causes of campus bullying from the perspective of positive psychology.


Positive Psychology Perspective; Campus Bullying; Cause