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Research on the Application of Output-oriented Method in English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.172


Jiao Xu

Corresponding Author

Jiao Xu


The output-oriented method has the characteristics of teaching integration. The teaching theory has a high degree of fit with the content and teaching requirements of college English teaching in the new era. Therefore, applying the output-oriented method to the teaching of foreign languages in universities can effectively promote the improvement of students' English learning ability and core literacy. This paper first expounds the meaning of the output-oriented approach, and then analyzes the application of the output-oriented approach, which brings challenges to college English teachers and students. Finally, the exploration of the output-oriented approach in college English is explored. With research and hope, relevant opinions and suggestions can effectively improve the status quo in college English teaching and promote the comprehensive improvement of the comprehensive quality of higher talents.


Output-Oriented Approach; English Teaching; Application Strategy