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A Study on the Application of Pragmatic Function-based Flip Classroom in Higher Vocational English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.166


Jianying Zhou, Weiwei Huang

Corresponding Author

Jianying Zhou


The rapid development of modern information technology requires more and more talents. The teaching mode in higher vocational colleges is also continuously reforming and innovating, and the English teaching mode in higher vocational colleges has also undergone great changes. Flipping class is a brand-new teaching mode under the new situation. The application of flipping class in English teaching in higher vocational colleges is conducive to stimulating students' self-study ability, promoting students' communication and interaction, and enhancing students' understanding of English subjects. Compared with the traditional classroom, it can be found that it can effectively promote students' learning autonomy. This paper will analyze the teaching advantages of flipped classroom based on pragmatic function, and discuss its application strategies in Higher Vocational English teaching from the aspects of micro-course resource development, students' self-study before class, classroom teaching, construction of mixed teaching mode and after-class summary and evaluation, hoping to provide guidance and reference for Higher Vocational English teaching.


Flipped Classroom; English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges; Application