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Research on Mobile Teaching Strategies of College English Based on New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.162


Wenjun Wan

Corresponding Author

Wenjun Wan


With the rapid development of multimedia network technology and the deepening and promotion of College English teaching reform, colleges and universities generally cultivate high-quality talents through modern English teaching mode. Network media interactive platform is favored. Mobile media makes educational resources available at any time. It provides technical support for the sharing of College English teaching resources. With the deepening of teaching reform, College English teaching has achieved preliminary results. However, due to the limited teaching conditions, the current teaching mode in Colleges and universities is stimulating students. There are still some problems in interest, improving students'practice and innovation ability. In the new technological environment, new information dissemination modes and communication methods are constantly emerging, and the characteristics of information are constantly undergoing qualitative changes. College English teaching in the new media era is to make full use of the advantages of new media technology, such as fast information dissemination, unlimited time and space, to effectively stimulate students' interest in learning, and to create an environment for students to learn English anytime and anywhere.


Multimedia; English Teaching; Teaching Mode; Learning Environment