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Research on the Reform of Organic Chemistry Teaching Model Based on the Cultivation of Practical Ability

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.160


Fankun Meng, Jinjun Deng, Dongyan Zhang, Junying Jia

Corresponding Author

Fankun Meng


Organic chemistry experiment course is one of the important courses in higher education to cultivate students'scientific spirit and innovative practical ability. The development of modern science and technology requires scientific researchers to have strong innovative ability and high practical ability. Organic chemistry experiment, as a specialized course of chemistry education, plays an extremely important role in cultivating students'innovative and practical abilities. Organic chemistry experiment skill training plays an important role in the cultivation of chemistry professionals. It can effectively improve students'innovative consciousness and ability. The concrete implementation of the reform of organic chemistry experiment teaching is of great practical significance to the cultivation of high-level talents with solid basic knowledge, strong practical ability and strong cooperative consciousness. Based on the cultivation of practical ability, this paper puts forward the ideas and methods of organic chemistry teaching reform from the aspects of teaching content adjustment and updating, teaching method reform and the establishment of students' autonomous learning mode.


Organic Chemistry; Practical Ability; Cooperative Consciousness; Reform