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Analysis on the Environmental Creation Strategy of Creative Art Characteristic Activities in Kindergartens

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.159


Lihong Li

Corresponding Author

Lihong Li


Art activity is one of children's favorite activities. It is also the most conducive to inspire children's creative imagination and creative thinking. It is also the basic teaching activity in kindergarten curriculum. Environment is one of the most important factors in kindergarten development. However, there are some problems in the process of kindergarten development because teachers do not understand the concept of kindergarten environment very well. Art education plays an important role in the cultivation of children's creativity. Teachers should enrich their perceptual experience and aesthetic taste, and encourage young children to boldly express their feelings, understanding and imagination in different artistic forms. Art is one of the best ways to cultivate children's creative thinking. Kindergarten art education can well undertake the important task of children's intellectual development and innovative ability cultivation. This article will analyze the optimization methods and strategies of creating the environment for kindergarten art special activities, which provides favorable conditions for providing preschool education for children.


Art Activities; Kindergarten; Creative Thinking; Environmental Creation