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Research on the Development Strategy of Navigation Education and Training in Response to International Conventions Based on “the Belt and Road Initiative”

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.155


Wenjing Gao

Corresponding Author

Wenjing Gao


The “the belt and road initiative” strategy is a new economic development model proposed by China that can promote international and regional economic cooperation. As Chinese medium and long-term national strategy, “the belt and road initiative” not only brings good news to Chinese economic development and in-depth cooperation among international regions, but also brings more opportunities and challenges to all walks of life. The implementation of the “the belt and road initiative” strategy puts forward higher requirements for shipping talents. Under the new strategy, navigation education must meet the needs of strategic development. By analyzing the influence of “one belt and one road” on shipping talents and the impact of maritime education, this paper analyzes the background of international conventions closely related to nautical education and training, reveals the development rules and trends of relevant international conventions, and explores the challenges faced by Chinese maritime academies and seafarers training institutions in coping with the development of international conventions. Fighting and Countermeasures to be taken. In order to provide ideas for the development of navigation education.


“The Belt and Road Initiative”; Navigation Education; International Conventions