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New Strategies of Art Classroom Teaching in Normal Colleges under the Background of Art Education Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.154


Ruifang Fan

Corresponding Author

Ruifang Fan


Teachers' art classes should have their own special teaching characteristics. Students should bear the responsibility of imparting knowledge and educating people. For this reason, they should cultivate some art professional abilities that they must possess as teachers in the future and reach the training standards. So as to pay more attention to the practical links of art education and teaching in normal universities. From the perspective that basic knowledge and skills of fine arts are the main basis for classroom teaching, rather than the ultimate goal, we should further recognize the relationship between basic knowledge and skills of fine arts and classroom teaching. Under the background of art education reform, the quality and standard of aesthetic education personnel cultivated by higher normal colleges and universities are not consistent with the basic teaching, and the problems existing in the art classroom teaching of normal colleges are discussed and analyzed. Some development strategies and suggestions for improvement have been proposed.


Art Education; Teachers Colleges and Universities; Art Classroom Teaching