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Analysis of the Application of Comparative Teaching Method in the Teaching of Mineral Deposits

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.151


Jun Tan

Corresponding Author

Jun Tan


With the development of education, mineral deposits has become an important subject in earth sciences. Because of its own particularity, teachers must conduct in-depth research on the corresponding teaching methods and teaching programs. In order to fully mobilize students' learning enthusiasm and improve students' learning ability, it is very important to memorize knowledge, understand knowledge and digest knowledge as the key points of teaching. Under this teaching requirement, comparative teaching methods can effectively solve these problems. By using comparative teaching methods, teachers can simplify mineral deposits with complex content and high difficulty. This paper briefly analyzes the application of comparative teaching methods in the teaching of mineral deposits, hoping to bring some help to teachers' improvement and innovative teaching methods.


Comparative Teaching Method; Mineral Deposit; Definition; Connotation; Teaching Method