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Research on College English Teaching Design Based on the Concept of Whole Person Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.149


Hui Peng

Corresponding Author

Hui Peng


At present, China's education industry is constantly reforming. Its purpose is to make education meet the needs of people in the society for the effect of education. To carry out college education in the new era, we need to recognize its ultimate goal. It is to promote the comprehensive improvement of students' comprehensive quality and help students to quickly integrate into society after graduation. In college education, as one of the compulsory courses, college English’s most fundamental purpose is to enable students to use the tool to communicate with more people after graduation, especially in the era of economic globalization. If the English language level is not enough, it will be difficult for students to exert their own positive effects and make greater contributions to society and enterprises.


Whole-Person Education Concept; College English Teaching; Comprehensive Quality