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Discussion on the Methods of Mathematical Modeling in College Mathematics Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.148


Yan Gong

Corresponding Author

Yan Gong


With the rapid development of the current society, mathematics has become one of the main application contents in various fields of society. Its own role is very large, not only can be used in various disciplines in the natural science, but also applied in daily life. Economic management, military management, and social science, social activities, and other different fields. The development of mathematics also has a very positive impact on social development. To this end, we must constantly improve the quality of mathematics teaching in colleges and universities, and mathematical modeling in mathematics teaching is also one of the most important ways. Using mathematical modeling can solve the practical problems faced in daily work, and can also make After moving to work, students use mathematical modeling to improve their work efficiency. The current society is increasingly demanding such talents, and it is also required that mathematics modeling as one of the main contents of teaching in college mathematics.


College Mathematics; Mathematics Teaching; Mathematical Modeling; Ideological Method