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Research on Education Modernization Based on “internet plus” and Cultivation of College Students' Innovative and Entrepreneurial Ability

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.143


Weiyu Jiang, Shurong Lai, Yi Zhang, Jing Chen

Corresponding Author

Weiyu Jiang


The 21st century is an innovative century. China has entered an era of high requirements for individual innovation and entrepreneurship. Training a group of high-quality and innovative people is the need to build an innovative country. Since China’s first emphasis on reforming education and focusing on cultivating students’ entrepreneurial abilities, the government has put forward a large number of targeted policies. The education of innovation and entrepreneurship in our country is still in the primary stage, and its theoretical research is still relatively small, lacking corresponding practical activities. Innovation is an important source of human social progress and development. With the deepening of China's economic system reform and the adjustment of industrial structure, China's demand for innovative and entrepreneurial talents is increasing. Faced with this new development trend, universities in many countries have carried out reform and practice, highlighting innovative teaching modes. The emergence of “Internet +” broadens the scope of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship, injects new vitality into college students' innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulates the enthusiasm of college students for innovation and entrepreneurship, and sets off the climax of university innovation and entrepreneurship.


Internet Plus; Modernization of Education; College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship