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Research on Guarantee Mechanism of Cooperative Training of Media Talents Based on School-enterprise Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.141


Bifeng Jia

Corresponding Author

Bifeng Jia


Cooperative innovation of production, teaching and research can help colleges and universities to improve the quality of education in an all-round way, vigorously promote the level of talent cultivation, make talents more suitable for market demand, and enhance the scientific research ability of colleges and universities. In view of a series of problems faced by the media talents in the process of school-enterprise cooperative education. This paper systematically investigates the experience of collaborative education in Colleges and universities at the present stage, and combs the basis, mode design, implementation and effect evaluation of collaborative education. In order to achieve the goal of training journalism and communication talents, it is necessary to take the path of collaborative training between universities and the government, news organizations and industry enterprises. Whether this road is feasible or not depends on whether the guarantee mechanism of cooperative training is perfect and feasible.


School-enterprise Cooperation; Media Talents; Cooperative Training Guarantee Mechanism