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Intercultural Education of English Subjects and Critical Reading Teaching in College English

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.137


Jingbo Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jingbo Zhang


The cultivation of cross-cultural critical thinking ability is consistent with the cultivation goal of College English reading teaching. How to improve students' cross-cultural thinking ability in English reading plays an important role in the training of foreign language professionals. Culture depends on language to a great extent. English teaching is a language teaching, of course, it can not be separated from cultural education. Traditional reading teaching mainly focuses on the superficial understanding of text information and text structure, giving students less space and time to think. In addition to improving the ability of college students to read and write English texts, English reading teaching should also let students understand the ideological structure and writing intentions of the article, and acquire the social and cultural knowledge of English-speaking countries. The presentation of language knowledge and the design of language skills practice activities should pay attention to the cognitive rules. Instruct students to learn and use English through experience, practice, discussion, cooperation and inquiry.


Cross-Cultural; Speculative Ability; English Reading Teaching