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Design and Application of Computer Network Experiment Teaching Content Based on Huawei Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.136


Zhangsheng Zhong, Fancheng Fu

Corresponding Author

Zhangsheng Zhong


The experimental teaching method of computer network course based on Huawei technology is discussed. According to the content and characteristics of the route, the experimental guidance of the route is explored from the viewpoint of experimental group plan, experimental content process design and information experimental guidance. It is aimed at improving the quality of experimental education and training students' practical skills more effectively. Experimental education is an essential part of computer network course and an important method to improve students' ability to analyze and solve problems. Aiming at the problem of experimental education, we try to expand the knowledge, improve the students' attention and improve the effect of education by means of the conditions, guiding purpose, teaching content, teaching process, teaching evaluation, analysis and design of computer network experimental course.


Network Experiment Teaching; Teaching Status Quo; Teaching Design; Computer Network Course; Huawei Technology