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On the Current Value of Higher Art Education in China

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.127


Shaohua Yang, Sha Liu

Corresponding Author

Shaohua Yang


In view of the fact that contemporary art must pay attention to the present, the analysis of its art can be used as an important reference factor for judging the value of contemporary art works. Therefore, the author discusses the current value of higher art education in China. Through the analysis of the significance of art education at present, it finally shows that the ultimate significance of higher art education lies in the cultivation of students' creativity, which is also the core embodiment of the current value of higher art education. Higher art education in China urgently needs to increase the content of the humanities. At the same time, contemporary higher art education has been given different value judgment standards, and different value orientations guide the transformation and development of education in order to adapt to the needs of social development and people's all-round development.


Art; Education; “Current”