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Research on the Cultivation of Students' Logical Thinking Ability in Primary School Mathematics Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.116


Zhu Yanyan

Corresponding Author

Zhu Yanyan


At present, China has vigorously carried out quality education, and the quality and level of teaching in each school have been significantly improved. Under such an educational background, the ways and goals of cultivating primary school students have also changed a lot. For the elementary school mathematics classroom, in addition to the basic computing power and the study of mathematics, helping primary school students to establish correct ways of thinking and cultivating their logical thinking ability has become a very important new topic in primary education. The ability of logical thinking will accompany people's life and play a vital role in the future development of children. This article briefly discusses how to improve students' logical thinking ability.


Primary school mathematics education; Logical thinking ability; Ability training