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Exploration of Moral Education System in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.106


Xiaolin Jiang, Peng Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaolin Jiang


The aim of school education is to cultivate people with moral integrity, which runs through the whole process of school education and teaching. To build a scientific, systematic and stable school moral education system and enhance the time-sensitivity of school moral education have become an important topic of school moral education. In view of the heckling faced by moral education in schools, this paper explores its moral education system from three aspects: giving full play to the mainstream culture of schools, the educational function of teachers and the practical function. After the reform and opening up, China's foreign exchanges have increased, and different forms of ideology, ways of thinking, and values have also been introduced to China. Among them, there are foreign excellent moral cultures, and there are also contents with hypocritical cloaks that do not meet and even runs counter to the requirements of socialist ethics. The immature thinking of college students, the easy acceptance of “new” things and the popularity of the Internet have made the bad content have a greater negative impact on students' thinking and behavior. It is urgent for educators to base themselves on reality and to establish and reform the moral education theory and practice system. This paper mainly explores the school moral education system in the new era.


School Moral Education; Mainstream Culture; Practice