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Research on the Relationship between Mobile Phone Dependence and Social Adaptation of Freshmen

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.103


Jinlian Su, Qi Li

Corresponding Author

Jinlian Su


With the rapid development of information technology in today's society, everything is inseparable from the Internet. As an important medium of the Internet, mobile phones are closely related to people's daily life. Mobile phones gradually replace computers as an important way of entertainment and information exchange for young people. However, over-reliance on mobile phones has led to some negative effects. College students, as an important group of mobile phone users, are even more troubled by their dependence on mobile phones. In this paper, a questionnaire survey is used to analyze the relationship between the mobile phone dependence of contemporary freshmen and their social adaptation, so as to prevent the adverse effects of mobile phones on college students and improve their social adaptation.


Freshmen; Mobile Phones Rely on Development; Social Adaptation