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Research on the Implementation Path of College Students' Career Planning

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.102


Wenbin Liu

Corresponding Author

Wenbin Liu


Higher education, as an important part of education in China, aims to train various types of talents for social construction. As to whether the trained talents meet the social requirements and personal development, it is necessary to realize the two-way choice of effective talents and society through career planning, so as to enable people to do their best and contribute more value to social construction in suitable posts. Although this goal is very clear, it has not achieved this effect very well in the actual implementation. The key link of career planning for fish university students has not been carried out very well, resulting in various problems in employment for many college students, resulting in the inappropriate placement of talents, and also led to the employment situation. Chaos. In view of this prominent social problem, this paper carries out a detailed analysis of the implementation path of College Students' career planning, with a view to promoting the improvement of current college students' career planning.


College Students' Career Planning; Significance; Current Situation; Measures